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Happy-Sad (Sane/Insane)

Are You Sane?

At the first, a working definition of sanity must be presented: “The state of sound mental and emotional faculties which allow for a rationalistic, logical and keenly-attuned awareness and interaction...
Jon Snow & Ghost

Jon Snow’s Death: Honorable & Ironic

Jon Snow is – or was – the most honorable character on HBO’s heralded Game of Thrones TV series. Snow stands alone next to his father, Ned Stark, who also lost his neck at the end of Season 1 for the...

Meet The Symboltons

The Symbolton is a curated, online, digital publication for encouraging a civilization of thought, contemplation and discourse on a variety of subjects ranging from every day commonalities (i.e. What does it...
A Descartes "thinking" orb?

I Think, Therefore I Think

Identity sets us apart. Who we are - or perhaps, who we think ourselves to be and who we present to the world - provides us with that unique stamp of demarcation as it envelopes us with labels, beliefs,...
Free Will Waves

Unadulterated Freedom

Freedom is a confusing term. We throw it about as if it is our inalienable right, especially in America. In fact, the foundation of the nation is centered upon this very word, at least in theory. While this...
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Reasons Get College Dog Jerseys

Well, it finally happened. April is day time that marks end of an period. John Madden decided to call it quits. Because of this, football follow play will never be as good...