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The Symbolton is a curated, online, digital publication for encouraging a civilization of thought, contemplation and discourse on a variety of subjects ranging from every day commonalities (i.e. What does it mean to be angry? Does morality matter?) to free-thinking perspectives on the nature of the universe and existence. I began this publication as a vehicle not only for my own meditation and writing processes, but moreover with the intention of inviting and growing a plethora of contributing authors, artists and even scientists. The position of The Symbolton is established in the name itself: metaphysical, mathematical, and dumbfounded. A certain tongue-in-cheek awareness might be necessary to thoroughly experience the flavor of the articles found here, but that does not mean the essence of the material is any less valuable and thought-provoking than that found in (other?) credible publications.

The Symbolton is not created to be irreverent, nor decidedly academic. Having no formal credentials, I am in no position to portray myself a scholar, nor require that the contributors herein should themselves be accredited as such. Conversely, I should prefer that the Shower Philosopher, the Scratchpad Mathematician, the Saturday Scientist and the Appreciating Artist all feel at home in this community.

Together, we might be able to learn from one another by expanding our viewpoints of reality (and un-reality, whatever that might be, let’s discuss it), thus civilizing ourselves to more sophisticated interactions with our world and the people we encounter in it. So if you are engaged at all with the content we have for you in this digital publication, I gladly and dutifully label you a Symbolton! Welcome to your new sandbox, please play nicely with others.


Kevin DeCapite

the author

Kevin DeCapite

I'm a self-proclaimed Shower Philosopher who enjoys long walks inside my apartment while contemplating the meaning of meaning. When I'm deciding to be productive instead, I manage a web software development business, spend time with my wife, and insist on cleaning up after myself.

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