Philosophy Bro

This kat takes the philosophically abstruse and colloquializes it for your reading pleasure, bro! Seriously, though, the Philosophy Bro re-interprets a lot of the hardcore writings so we can all digest it much more easily.

Pop Culture Philosopher

Music, dance, art, they all carry messages about what we collectively believe, what we think is important, and the way we choose to live our lives. Take a trip through this blog in order to peel back the shiny surface of pop culture, and take a look at what lies beneath.

Philosophy Now

Get your “Official Philosophy” fix from this online magazine that provides some free articles mixed in with some paid ones.

Philosophy Basics

No frills. No ads. But there’s a cool philosopher map! You can spend hours here getting your historical and epistemological fix on. Truthfully an immensely impressive body of work consolidated in a single, easy to navigate website. Excellent resource!

Philosophy Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is known for their credible and curated Q&A on a myriad of subjects. This Philosophy exchange is no different. Get your questions answered by PhDs as well as non-professional philosophers who all share a common interest in truth seeking. It’s also lots of fun to simply peruse and hear what everyone is saying.

Brain Pickings

Engage your right brain by visiting Maria Popova’s artistically crafted online publication highlighting authors great and small. Let her narrative guide you meaningfully through the written word to uncover layers of inquiry and heart-provoking inspiration for living the highest quality life imaginable.

Philosophy Talk

No time to read? Listen to philosophical discussions anywhere with Philosophy Talk’s podcasts.

Philosophy Bites

More philosophical podcasts for the road, train, plane or your morning dog walk.