Virgo Moon Cycle 2017

With a preponderance of planets in Virgo at this New Moon – in fact, all the personal ones including Sun through Mars – there seems to be an initial focus on the nature of refinement and purification, particularly with regards to the self. These are not outwardly focused planets (that starts with Jupiter, Saturn and of course the outer ones). Instead, these planets are quite personal. What then, are we to refine and purify? Wherever this conjunction connects with our individual charts will illuminate this answer in a more personal way. That doesn’t need to preclude us from at least reviewing the factors at play in order to begin our understanding of this lunation cycle more generally.

Having just experienced a pretty major eclipse, this Virgo cycle (which, incidentally, culminates in Libra/Aries) might indicate a need to look more closely at what just occurred. While it is probably too early to know exactly what the eclipse has in store fully, we can now begin to pour through some of its early effects on ourselves in order to start making sense of it. In Virgo, we find the ability to adjust and fine-tune like no other sign. More to the point, we can use this ability to decipher what is useful to us, and what is not. If we keep in mind that Virgo is a preparatory sign, then we can hold the question, “For what am I preparing?”

While we might not know exactly until we’re in it, we can use the nature of the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) to develop a sense of self-awareness that is centered on our own internal purity. This is, of course, a bit abstract, so I will add that by “internal purity” I mean to say a character and intention that is centered on increasing the quality of our being in order to interact with others in a more collaborative and meaningful way. In relationship (remember the Full Moon will be in Libra/Aries), we cannot be a true partner and aid to the other unless we are whole within ourselves. It is this principle of offering ourselves as valuable stewards to the partnership that is the essence of the Virgo archetype. As we are turning our attention to the Libra portion of this Moon cycle, let us first look at the First Quarter Square.

In it, we see the Sun has already moved into Libra as it squares the Moon in Capricorn. The other three personal planets remain in Virgo, continuing to support the seed of refinement that was planted at the New Moon. However, the luminaries are bringing something new into the picture. Perhaps it is during this time that our interactions with others are presenting a new challenge. Given the “crisis” orientation of this aspect (i.e. needing to decide to change the course of our inertia), there may be a challenge to overcome an old or outworn pattern within the relationship in question. To accomplish this, we could use the Capricorn energy of the Moon to give us the ambition and pragmatism we need to do so in a way that is productive to the relationship. While Capricorn can be quite matter-of-fact, it needn’t be ill-tempered or overly willing to obstruct others with its own determination. Perhaps our challenge at this crisis point of decision will have more to do with how we overcome than the overcoming itself.

Once the Full Moon occurs, we find the Sun in Libra opposing the Moon in Aries, and one of the personal planets – Mercury – also in Libra and about to conjunct the Sun. In fact, this conjunction is quite significant because it represents the start of a brand new Sun/Mercury cycle. So while the Sun and Moon are fulfilling their purpose, another new seed is planted that also involves some of the very same thematic material we’ve already been dealing with. Namely, our personal perspective regarding how we operate within relationship with others.

Returning to the Full Moon, we are reminded that while we began with an attitude of developing our personal purity of character (blatant ego-less-ness) in order to offer ourselves as a valuable member within a relationship, we are still fully entitled to be ourselves as the Moon fires its way through Aries. Relationship is not about disappearance. For us to truly be stewards to each other, we must recognize our own individual selves and be willing to assert that into the relationship environment. There is of course a kind of dichotomy going on here. It wouldn’t be called an opposition otherwise. Yet it’s important to remember that each opposition is simply a different side of the same set. This means the I Am/We Are duality must be worked out and integrated by the quality of our own consciousness. We cannot avoid the need to do both seemingly contradictory things at the same time. I say “seemingly” because, with practice, holding contradictions within our awareness is not only possible, but provides a big picture of our reality that enables us to live life more fully. Surprisingly, it can also enable us to be more of the I Am while also increasing the value of the We Are experience. In other words, both sides of the set amplify when we begin to see and hold them at once.

Our lunation cycle begins to wrap up at the Third Quarter Square when the Moon in Cancer squares the Sun in Libra. At this point, the Sun/Mercury cycle has officially begun. This lunar phase serves to bring a maturity of what has just occurred to our awareness. I often say it’s the time when we might ask ourselves, “What just happened?” Often the Full Moon carries enough potent energy that we cannot fully recognize the significance of it. So during this Third Quarter Square we have the opportunity to introspect a little more (especially with the Cancer Moon) and use our intuition to feel the importance of the entire cycle. We might even begin to sense how this cycle can pay itself forward to the next one as, ideally here, the Moon in Cancer will take the lesson learned and plant it within our rootedness. Layer upon layer, with each lunation cycle, we have the opportunity to store up lessons of wisdom within our being in order to live a more meaningful and purposeful life.

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Kevin DeCapite

I'm a self-proclaimed Shower Philosopher who enjoys long walks inside my apartment while contemplating the meaning of meaning. When I'm deciding to be productive instead, I manage a web software development business, spend time with my wife, and insist on cleaning up after myself.